M4. Sheepish Date (questioning guide)

1) Establish (Girl’s) character. (Appearance, likes/dislikes, emotion) Character has a secret. She likes someone. Reaaaaally likes them. Who does she like?

2) She really likes (Sheep). Establish character: name, profession, age, description, etc.) Does (Sheep) like (Girl)?

(GIRL) invites (SHEEP) to eat 請他吃飯。 (How does SHEEP react? Where do they eat? What does SHEEP like to eat? What does GIRL like to eat?)

3) GIRL invites SHEEP to the “Maison de Mutton”. How does each one react? GIRL says 不好意思 a lot. SHEEP replies 沒關係. WHY does GIRL say 不好意思? 因為 她 請了 (SHEEP)在 (PLACE) 吃飯, etc.

GIRL invites SHEEP for coffee/tea.

4) GIRL invites SHEEP to the Boston Coffee Baaaa. Same things as 3)

5) Girl invites SHEEP to sing Karaoke. Does each like it? Who sings well/badly? Does SHEEP like GIRL still? Etc.