M4 Veggie Wolf questioning guide

1) Introduce father wolf. (Name, description, profession, age, pastimes, whatever.

2) Introduce the son. He really likes to 玩Weee. (or any video game, really, maybe he’s just wearing the hat for Wee.)

3) Father wants to take Son out for his birthday. Where? (Go through many options of 請 他 去 哪兒 吃飯).

4) Dad takes son to Tennessee Fried Chicken. Dad’s happy, son isn’t. Son is vegetarian. But Dad forgot.

5) DAD is happy to eat chicken but not happy because he invited the son to TFC and the son wasn’t happy. Dad feels 不好意思 because he forgot.

6) Dad invites son to eat steak. Yay! (Dad forgot Son is vegetarian!) Steak is delicious! Where does Dad invite Son to eat steak?

7) Same as 5: Dad is happy to eat steak, but SON is vegetarian. Dad says 不好意思 but eats the steak. SON says 沒關係 but doesn’t eat the steak because he’s vegetarian.

8) Dad is very unhappy/angry. He forgot son was vegetarian. 不好意思!

9) Dad forgets son is vegetarian, invites him to eat pork. At…??

10) Both are happy at the restaurant that has pork. Why? Why is the son happy?

11) Son is vegetarian…why does he like this restaurant?

12) Son eats the apple (in the pig’s mouth.)